• Family Mediation Family Restoration Service
    Live out the truth that love begins at home
  • Mediation
    Our passion is to help families to restore relationships
  • Family Mediation Centre
    Detailed plans are drawn up
  • Mediation does not affect your legal rights
    Mediation does not affect your legal rights
  • Family Mediation Centre agreement
    Mediation agreements are endorsed by the court
  • Family mediators
    Parents decide with assistance of specialist knowledge mediators
  • Affordable family mediation
    Reach divorce mediation financial settlements
  • Family Mediation
    Family Mediation Child arrangements for your loved ones

Welcome to Family Mediation Services

Through family mediation, we help people having difficulties reaching agreement about children’s issues and finances. Family Mediation Services is an organisation which offers also offers legal aid for low income families. Our passion is to help families, through Mediation, to restore relationships. READ MORE



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