About Us

Why we exist

Why we exist

We help people having difficulties reaching agreement about children’s issues and finances. Family Mediation Services is a Not for Profit organisation (est. 2010) which offers a family service through Mediation. Our passion is to help families, through Mediation, to restore relationships. It was founded to meet the basic needs of all families in the London area.

Family Mediation

Our Specialist family law Mediators are experts in assisting people to communicate their needs in a confidential safe environment. Families are at the heart of our lives and we are called to lead our lives in light of the old adage “Charity begins at home”. “Charity” is another word for “Love”.

Our Mediators particularly wish to help fathers to be a positive influence in the lives of their children and re-establish contact with their children where it is possible and safe. We provide a programme to help educate resident and non-resident parents on the impact that absent parents can have on the lives of children in inner city areas.

Michelle Anne Solomon

Michelle is a retired family solicitor advocate with 12 years experience and a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Law Society.  She quit practice as a family lawyer to work full time as a facilitative family mediator which she does for various centres. She is on the board of Prime Time charity which provides a contact handover centre in SE15 and parenting programme to families.

Katherine Stylianou

Katherine is a mediator at Family Mediation Services and has worked in the mediation industry for over 20 years. Katherine teaches mediation at Southbank University and has written extensively on the practice of mediation.