Family Mediation

What we do

What we do
Family Mediation is a process by which people negotiate face to face about their finances or children with the assistance of a neutral third person, often a solicitor or counsellor. It’s an opportunity to jointly agree what the best interests of your children are as well as your own needs. It is future focussed, helping you to reduce the intensity of conflicts and reach long lasting decisions together.

Where families are on the verge of a break-up or have separated, family mediation eliminates the need for courtroom battles and solicitor costs or delays and our family mediation is confidential except for the sharing of financial information in divorce proceedings or where there is serious risk to children.

Our specialist family law mediators assist people who are having difficulties in their family relationships e.g. between married or unmarried partners, parent & child etc. and is most commonly used for child contact/residence issues; child maintenance, financial settlements or divorce settlements.

Family mediation provides that safe environment to work through obstacles. The family mediator is non-judgmental, unprejudiced and you both must be willing to attend the family mediation centre voluntarily.

Our family mediators have legal and counselling backgrounds and will exercise peacekeeping skills during the family mediation process. We would normally use either one or two family mediators during each family mediation session depending on the complexity of the issues e.g. whether there have been recent allegations of domestic violence or there are any mental health problems.

Cost of Family Mediation per person

The cost of family mediation is dependant on your income and is subsidised so that everyone can access mediation. For those who are unemployed or on a low income, we will obtain Legal Aid Agency funding to assist you so that you do not have to pay for your family mediation. Otherwise the total fee for family mediation starts from £205 per person (for up to three sessions of sole mediation) if you earn under £30,000pa. The following costs are for those who earn under £30,000pa and are not eligible for legal aid:

  • £205 for fixed fee Mediation of up to 3 sessions
  • £95 per session for the 4th session and each subsequent session thereafter
  • £79 for Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)
  • £40 for FM1 court form (where no MIAM takes place)
  • £95 for drafting Memorandum of Understanding & Open Financial documents (where appropriate in Mediation)

We offer free mediation under legal aid. Please call us on 0300 365 2700 to discuss your circumstances if you think you would be unable to afford the cost of family mediation but would like to use the family mediation centre.

Our family mediation centre is open to all sectors of the community and using expert mediators, we seek to help families reach agreement through family mediation without the stress and cost of delayed court proceedings.

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