I chose mediation with Prime Time because it was local to me and convenient to get to whilst I was pregnant. I looked it up online beforehand and I felt that the information was informative, relevant and exactly what I was looking for. The mediator was very helpful and supportive. I was able to share my feelings with her openly and she made me feel better than I had before. It was very uplifting and it helped me move forward with my life, build my faith and believe that good things could be possible in my future. I would recommend mediation with Prime Time to other people as I think it’s possible to get a great result.


I picked Prime Time for my mediation because it’s local and was highly recommended to me by someone I trust. The service I received was very helpful and I was able to get information about my personal circumstances as well as the legal support I was entitled to. I got a referral to a solicitor which was extremely helpful and which I hadn’t known I could access before. The prayer in particular was amazing. I am Muslim and the prayers I received helped me to feel relaxed and hopeful for the future. Even though I had some different beliefs to the mediator we were able to find strength in a mutual God.